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Using text messaging is a fantastic way to communicate with your specific audience.  Although some businesses haven’t come around to using texting on a regular basis, there are many reasons why this can be very beneficial.

First, text messages are quick and easy to send.  Since texting is inherently built with shorter lengths of text, it can be a really simple solution.

Next, it is relatively cheap.  When you compare the cost of sending out text messages vs. mail or other forms of communication, it is relatively cheap to use.

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Finally, they get opened.  Text messages have an incredibly high open rate - in the range of 90+%.  Unlike other forms of communication, texting is an extremely effective way to get your message read.

Although many businesses use text sparingly, and rightly so, there are some really great situations when texting can be a complete winner.  Let’s take a look at a few of those situations.

Appointment Reminders

A really effective way to make sure that people show up for their appointments (online or in-person) are text reminders.  Sending a series of text messages out that are previous to an appointment can dramatically increase the show rate.  

A perfect example would be to send one text message out that is 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment and a second text message out that is 15 minutes prior to the appointment time.

Review Requests

An important aspect of building trust is to acquire a consistent stream of online reviews.  However, one of the most common barriers in acquiring those reviews is to actually ask for the review.

So, let’s make the process much easier.  After a specific event or timeframe, send out a text message with a request for a review.  You can add a link into the text that will automatically take them to the review site.

Notice of an Important Event

There are times in business when you want to quickly get the word out.  You don’t want to wait a week to compile a letter and mail it out.  That’s just much too slow for what you need.

A great way to quickly send out an important message is through text.  Imagine if your business closed in the middle of the day due to a weather event. Texting would be a great way to inform your list.

Communicate on the Go

Texting allows you the ability to connect with someone wherever they are.  That’s because there are several things that commonly never leave our sides.  We never forget our keys, our wallets or purses, and you guessed it, our phones.

You could be in a conversation with someone via website chat and continue the conversation with them at another time.  This can really be a business booster.

Promote a Product Using Text Messaging

Let’s face it, businesses either sell products or services. What if you have a brand new service that you are now offering that you want to tell everyone about?

Using business text messaging to promote that service is a great opportunity to effectively get that message out to tell everyone about it.  Why not use text messaging to grow your revenues?

You can probably see the value of text messaging.  By implementing a text messaging strategy within your business, you can save valuable time and increase revenues.

Implement Text Messaging in Your Business

We've reviewed 5 ways that you can use text messaging in your business. But, now it's up to you.

You can begin implementing these strategies to successfully communicate with your customers, clients or patients with much greater ease.