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Digital Forms


Effortless Lead Generation

"Forms" is designed to simplify lead generation for your business. Providing a single page with all fields listed and visible eliminates the need for multiple steps or complicated processes. 

The intuitive interface ensures potential leads can quickly provide information without confusion or frustration. 

With Forms, you can efficiently capture leads and grow your customer base with minimal effort.


Customizable Fields for Targeted Insights

Our form feature allows you to customize fields based on the specific information you need from your leads. Whether it's name, email address, phone number, or any other relevant details, you can tailor the form to gather targeted insights about your prospects. 

This customization empowers you to collect the data that matters most to your business, enabling you to refine your marketing and sales strategies for better results.


Visual Customization

With call tracking, not only will you be able to better understand if your marketing dollars are actually effective, but you can also record calls (if you want to).

Your ability to record the calls enables you to more deeply understand your callers questions and to quickly determine if your staff is properly handling the conversations. 

If they are, give them a pat on the back. If not, maybe some some helpful assistance may be needed.


Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Forms provide you with comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities. You can track and analyze the performance of your lead generation efforts, gaining valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. 

With in-depth analytics, you can identify trends, measure conversion rates, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your lead capture strategy. 

Our reporting features provide actionable data that helps you identify areas for improvement and refine your overall business strategy.

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Happy Customers


This software has made an incredible difference in our office. We are able to engage with potential new patients, gather reviews and even follow up with patients, all through one simple dashboard.



It's great to be able to use the online scheduler and use text messaging for appointment reminders. This reduces a lot of missed appointments and allows us to easily communicate when we need to.