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Call tracking allows many businesses to take advantage of mobile phone technology to leverage their marketing efforts and reap the benefits. This is because about two-thirds of the worldwide population owns a mobile phone. This is approximately 5 billion people in total. If your business is not currently using call tracking, you are missing out on a major opportunity to reach more customers and improve your marketing efforts. 

What is Call tracking?

Call tracking is a technology that runs through the call services of a business. This program allows the business to locate the marketing source that drove the phone call. A business that uses this program can determine whether a phone call came from a social media ad, a web page, or any other online campaign. With the advancement of call tracking, businesses can determine what keyword drove the phone call.


How does it work?

A call tracking system provides a business with multiple phone numbers for each marketing campaign. Call tracking makes it easy to see where the leads are coming from and the business can optimize their campaigns for even better results. 

How Call Tracking Improves Your Marketing Return?

Once a customer or potential client is on the phone, the call-tracking feature captures the necessary data to use for marketing optimization, such as;

Providing insights into the marketing performance

Call tracing shows information about the person who is calling and if this is a new client or a repeat caller. This also provides data about the caller’s demographics, location, the reason for their call, and who they spoke with during their call. These data are critical for any marketer because this allows them to respond to market shifts, changes in customer mood, or problems within the campaign in a timely and efficient manner. 

Optimizing the performance of Ads

Proper optimization of Ads can only be done if there is solid data to refer to. With no metrics to back up the strategies, it is impossible to evaluate the results. Therefore, ensuring that data are captured and measured correctly is essential in the implementation of any marketing campaign.

Call tracking provides granular data needed to understand the performance of the current marketing campaign. It tells what specific campaign generated a call and allows for a better understanding of what the customers are engaging and responding to.

Determining the drivers for revenue

Call tracking enables a business to see where a call originated from, so they can tell what prompted a person to pick up the phone. The analytics allow businesses to see whether their marketing campaigns made a direct impact or if there are gaps within the marketing strategy that could be filled to increase traffic in the future.

If there is one particular product that is responsible for the phone call volume, this might be an area that needs further improvement. Correspondingly, if a certain campaign is not performing, the business can utilize the data from the call to identify areas for improvement. Perhaps, the need to improve and refine the messaging to increase traffic is evident.

Obtaining data-driven results

If a business runs an ad campaign without any analytics, there is no way for them to see whether the campaign worked. Furthermore, they will not be able to figure out what part of the campaign worked and what didn’t. 

As a business, making a data-driven decision requires analytics to deliver.  The efficiency of your channels can be determined using A/B testing with the data retrieved from the call tracker. 

Personalizing user experiences

Collecting consumer data helps capture insights about their common problems, habits, and experiences. Integrating the call tracking technology with the business CRM will provide a 360-degree view of customer insights and behavior. With this, a business can easily qualify leads and provide personalized content that can result in a conversion.

Tracking the results of the Marketing Campaign

The effectiveness of the call-tracking system still relies on the specific needs and expectations of the business. Marketers looking for more granular insights into the success of their campaigns need call-tracking software.

Keyword-level tracking

Allows the business to understand the phrases that are driving the most phone calls. This is particularly useful in evaluating the effectiveness of pay-per-click campaigns. With call tracking, the business will get a unique phone number for each campaign. Therefore, it is easy to point out which campaign receives the phone call and which keywords helped generate the leads.

Campaign-level tracking

This measures which, among all the marketing campaigns, converts the best. Call tracking provides a view of the call details directly from a dashboard, so it is easy to see the campaign that performed well. Both digital marketing campaigns and offline campaigns can be tracked at the campaign level.

Multi Channel attribution tracking 

In today’s age, customers are tech-savvier than ever. These customers use multiple channels, online and offline, to communicate with a brand. In order to raise their satisfaction, a business needs to offer an omnichannel customer experience. With the help of a call tacker, it is easier to track the journey of these customers as they move down the sales funnel. Most importantly, the business can compare which marketing channels generate more conversions.

Powr Connect Call Tracking System

Powr Connect offers a call tracking program that allows you to understand the number of calls and their sources and duration. Our call tracking also allows you to record calls for better analysis. With our unique features, businesses can easily acquire tracking numbers that the audiences can easily recognize with the use of local area codes.

All in all, Powr Connect call tracking is a valuable tool that can help you not only understand how your marketing dollars are being spent but also if they are effective. Additionally, recording calls provides you with an additional layer of understanding when it comes to the questions and needs of your customers. By taking advantage of these features, you can ensure that your business is running as smoothly as possible. Need help? Contact us today.