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Text messaging automation is an excellent way to communicate with your customers and prospects. The fact that nearly everyone has their phone with them makes texting an obvious choice for businesses to connect with their customers.

In addition to the ability to connect more easily using automated text messaging, the business now also has the ability to send messages to groups of their customers and use automations to schedule this messaging to occur at specific times. The days of manually sending one message at a time is over.   

automated text message service

How important is text messaging for businesses?

The use of short message service (SMS or texting) solutions is a great way for businesses to reach their customers.. With the ability to quickly connect with others, it's an efficient route to send important reminders or info that gets noticed. 

There are many benefits of using an automated text message service. Here are seven of the most important ones:

  1. Increased efficiency – Automated text messages allow you to communicate with your customers more efficiently. In a fast-paced global market, companies must continually find ways to respond to their customers quickly. Having technology at their disposal can be an indispensable tool to ensure customer concerns are dealt with in the shortest possible time. 
  2. Increased customer satisfaction – Customers appreciate the convenience of automated text messages and find them helpful and informative, ensuring that their concerns are also attended to and making them feel that they are not being ignored. 
  3. Improved response time – Automated text messages improve your response time, as you don't have to spend time manually responding to each customer inquiry. Reduced costs – An automated text message service can save you money by reducing the staff needed to handle customer inquiries. 
  4. Improved accuracy – Automated text messages ensure that all customer inquiries are handled promptly and professionally. Having the appropriate response is also an effective way to ensure that your company's services are appropriately rendered, and customer inquiries are formally addressed. 

That said, the need for speed has never been more pressing than now with the rapidly increasing pace of life. Companies, nowadays, cannot afford to spend hours typing out responses, nor do people have time in their days anymore to browse everything they see all at once. This fast-paced lifestyle that people live in is why having an automated text system is now more essential. It will not just make your company's job easier, but it can also ensure that customer concerns are addressed appropriately time and time again. 

Despite the efficiency and accuracy that automated text messages provide to your business, one must also understand the potential setbacks it can incur, especially if this particular kind of marketing is something new for your company;


All in all, the pros of SMS marketing are clear. As for the cons are just a small price to pay for such an effective and economical way to reach your customers. That being said, Powr Connect is here whenever you need to go far and wide in your business.

Powr Connect is a software platform that allows businesses to send well thought-out automated responses to your customers. This way, a business can efficiently create the most appropriate response for a given situation and ensure that the right response is provided to them; ensuring customer inquiries are addressed and customer satisfaction is assured.

If you want to see your business get the recognition it truly deserves, while also getting that needed boost to your marketing potential, book a Discovery Call with us today or visit our website to find out more.