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Quickly Engage With Website Visitors

Many of your website visitors would love to start a conversation with you – right from your website.

They may have questions, may want to chat or may want to schedule an appointment with you. Let them with webchat.


Convert Leads From Webchat into New Business

Turn more of your website visitors into actual leads with webchat. They are already on your website…why not start off by allowing them to engage with your business?

With webchat, you’ll allow many potential leads to engage with you instead of clicking away into oblivion (or to your competitors website).


Stay Connected, Even If They Leave Your Website

People are on the go. They send a chat to you while they’re on your website, but then they realize that they need to run to pick up their kids.

That’s why our webchat feature moves everthing immediately into a texting system. We want you to always stay connected, not matter where they are.

Keep the conversation moving forward from the Powr Connect desktop or mobile app chat to their phone.


Answer The Questions They May Have

Before decisions are made, questions are asked. Let them easily ask you questions through the webchat feature on your website where you can answer their questions quickly.

It’s common for people to ask questions to help them make their buying decisions. Now, you have the opportunity to answer these important questions while they are at your website.


Use Templates for Frequently Used Responses

It’s not uncommon for similar questions to be asked repeatedly. That’s why the response template feature allows you to quickly answer them.

Simply choose a standard text or email response (that you can create) and push the send button. This makes your responses easier and quicker.


Webchat Can Grow Your Business

Webchat allows you to turn website visitors into actual patients, customer or clients. It allows you to engage with them, instead of just a static website.

Once engaged, you can then ask them to schedule an appointment or sell your product or services.

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Happy Customers


This software has made an incredible difference in our office. We are able to engage with potential new patients, gather reviews and even follow up with patients, all through one simple dashboard.



It's great to be able to use the online scheduler and use text messaging for appointment reminders. This reduces a lot of missed appointments and allows us to easily communicate when we need to.